About Me





Originally from the USA, I’ve lived in Mallacoota, VIC, for over twelve years. I shoot all over the South East from Melbourne to Canberra to Ulladulla and beyond. My style is candid and photo journalistic, combined with casually posed portraiture. I love to edit to a contemporary, yet slightly retro-film aesthetic.

My history wasn’t always in photography. I entered the Masters of Fine Art program at the University of California in Santa Barbara as a painter. My first quarter there, I was assigned to teach the technical aspects in the Into to Digital Photography undergraduate class. Completely unprepared, I would read the relevant chapter the night before, and then teach it to the class the next day. The learning curve was steep and somewhat terrifying, but in the process it fostered a love of photography that I never knew I had.

I was able to combine things I’d learned in my painting career about composition, colour, and contrast and translate it to a new mode of image making: photography.

Over twelve years later, I’m still behind the lens, and loving each second.