About Me


Photos are pretty amazing. A lot like a long forgotten song or waft of a certain flower down a lane way, a photograph can whisk you back through a flood of memories to some of the most cherished times of your life. To me, photographs of certain memories are just as priceless as the memories themselves. I guess that was why I was so drawn to becoming a photographer.

I’ve been snapping photos for over a decade now – either at weddings, of families, teaching classes at the University of California in Santa Barbara where I got my Masters in Fine Art, of the surf, or just for fun.

I specialize in outdoor, natural light photography. I shoot in a mainly candid, photojournalistic style with a few portraits thrown in for good measure. I love shooting in nature and incorporating the beauty of the wild environment as much as possible.

Currently, I live in South East Australia in a small, sleepy town called called Mallacoota. It’s a beautiful little fishing village out in the middle of national parks where nothing much really happens. (Not that my location limits me! I’m more than happy to travel up and down the coast and beyond for weddings!)

Drop me a line if you’re interested in speaking more about my services and style and your upcoming event!