Amanda and Anwar – Pambula

It’s surprising how endearing a childhood story about popping an inflated bag of dog poo on the washing line can be.


When you meet a couple for the first time, it speaks volumes about how the photos are going to turn out. What is their style? Are they intense? Or laid back? Will I gel with the couple? Or is this going to be mildly torturous for all of us?

From the very beginning, Amanda and Anwar were as gracious and friendly as anyone I’ve had the pleasure to work with in this business. Our first meeting gave me a small window into their personalities – Amanda was sweet and genuine. But I hadn’t gotten a bead on Anwar yet. As with most grooms, he’d been mostly silent as Amanda explained the day. But he lit up when she mentioned that he had a specific photo he’d like to take. It happened to be a Star Wars inspired photo.

I knew I was going to like this guy.

On their wedding Amanda and Anwar went out of their way at every turn to make me feel as welcomed and included as any guest. The day was a beauty. The ceremony was touching. The portrait session was tender and loving. Then the speeches came…

…and I didn’t stop laughing for 45 minutes. Witty and sentimental, the couple’s loved ones extolled their virtues, shared their memories, and childhood hilarity.

This couple was as sweet as the boundless lolly and dessert tables they’d baked by hand, and loved by the guests just as much!


Congratulations Amanda and Anwar! May the force be with you, always.