Samantha and Wayne – Merimbula

It’s a well-known adage that rain is ‘good luck’ on your wedding day. (Secretly, I kind of think people only say that to keep the bride from going COMPLETELY BONKERS) However, there is some truth to it. A little bit of rain, and beautiful soft lighting, and glorious moody clouds, behind a sublime cliff, with breathtaking waves SMASHING IN THE BACKGROUND!! Is, yeah, pretty lucky. At least for the photographer!

When I think of Sam and Wayne, I think of the rolling laughter and bubbling excitement emanating from the cabins in the hours before the ceremony. Everyone was completely aware of the continuous wetting rain soaking everything in sight – including the outdoor clifftop ceremony location at Short Point in Merimbula. They were totally aware that it would most likely be raining throughout the wedding. Totally aware, but it didn’t seem to dampen their spirits in the least.

I heard another good adage once. ‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.’

If this is true, then I am 100% sure that Sam and Wayne’s marriage will be every bit as joyful as the laughter in the cabins. And every bit as sublime as the waves breaking on the cliffs.


Congratulations Samantha and Wayne!