Sherrie and Jared

It was quite obvious Fate was at play in Sherrie and Jared’s relationship.

Much like the Hobbit – this story involves a ring. A ring at the bottom of a lake. A ring that toppled off a boat and lay, underwater, at the bottom of the lake in Mallacoota for two whole days – tides rushing in and out for over 48 hours – before making its way UNBELIEVABLY back to Sherrie’s finger!

These two were obviously meant to get married.

And it all happened so FAST! A whirlwind engagement of 9 years, a couple of guitars, one child and a dog later, they met at the top of the stairs overlooking the lake in Mallacoota – mere steps from where her engagement ring went for its adventure – and exchanged a new set of rings.

I don’t need to wish you luck on your new life as a married couple. You already have it!